going to take a hiatas from this

I have been extremely busy with school, work, and projects the last few weeks (costuming for a short film and a theater production) and I don’t use this blog as much as I use to. but if you have a blogspot and would like to follow me on there, message me! it’s mostly costume/art based with some personal writings. i might be back on here on occasion but for the most part will be focusing on things else where. <3333

what are you for halloween?

a very pissed off college student

shout out too all the people out there not celebrating halloween this year


Fashion Illustration by Rene Bouche

Vogue April 1958

is tuesday a party night am i missing something

this blog is a joke.

old people.

i’m going to listen to backstreet boys really loud to get back at my neighbors 

i haven’t sat alone in a theatre in a long time. i think i’m going to go do that this week. need a break from reality.

Found this at my parent’s house in my room. The terrible middle school *screamo* days.